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Torrent MP4 Cutter is a video editing tool for Windows
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Torrent MP4 Cutter is a video editing tool for Windows. It allows you to cut your video files and make shorter clips out of them. The application can only open MP4 files, and those files processed using this tool will also be saved with the MP4 extension. The "Open file" window lists other formats, but you will get an error when you open them if they are not MP4 files.

Using this application is extremely easy. The first thing you want to do is open a file. When that is done, the video players starts playing your video. Under the video player are a lot of buttons. There are two buttons that allow you to set the start and end times for your video. When you set both the start and end times, you are telling the application what part of the video you want to keep. Once you have selected this part, click on the "Cut selection" button, which will add this selection to the queue. You can add as many parts of a video file as you want, and they will all be processed automatically.

All in all, this video cutter works well and it allows you to create as many clips as you want from a single video file. It has a nice interface as well.

José Fernández
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  • It allows you create several clips from one video
  • It works well


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